Openclipart for archaelogists

Openclipart is powered by artists making and finding images. Also, there are contributors to Openclipart who search for public domain material and share it here on this site. These "archaealogists" are saints. Below is an example of public domain content. Then, below this content are resources that we know about that are fair game to investigate, parse, and submit here to Openclipart. Try out being an archaealogists and making Openclipart more complete.


Here are common searches with related themes:

Public Domain (6 of 550)


by Anonymous

pda 1409


Sah ennoam thumbnail

by syria

Sah ennoam thumbnail 213


foot left

by openclipartmember1

foot left 410


Basic Guidelines for Clipart Archaelogy

  • Make sure you research and if possible, contact the owner and, or, publisher of the artwork to check the copyright status.
  • Try to record any responses to Public Domain queries in the clipart description field.
  • When uploading, enter in the source of the image. For example, if you searched the image from the EPA, use the tag epa and the tag publicdomain. This will help us keep track of found images.

  • Clipart Archaealogy Tools (ADVANCED)

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