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Filmmakers, animators, video artists and 3D designers constantly need clipart. All of our images are released into the public domain which means you may use them for free, for any purpose, even commercially.


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Movie tape

by bugmenot

Movie tape 12625


Model Gel

by harmonic

Model Gel 2538


Orca (Jaws)

by formlos

Orca (Jaws) 554


Vector (SVG) Files

Most major applications in the film industry can handle the SVG file format including all Adobe Creative Suite applications. You can use SVG file as masks, filters, brushes, design elements or for filling in signs, graphics and more in post-production.

upload2openclipart (vectorization)

We have a service so that you may send a bitmap (JPEG or PNG) to and the resulting file will be converted to a two-dimensional vector graphic. This is normally called vectorization.

Also, if you have an SVG file, you may send it as well to and it will be uploaded to Openclipart. Are you interested in more file formats like PDF or EPS that maybe converted or saved to Openclipart?

upload2openclipart is simple by default, but there are more controls if you interested in details.

Clipart Requests

Do we not have clipart or images you are looking for? Consider requesting an image and we'll try to help you find or create the image.

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