Openclipart Coloring Books

Openclipart Coloring Books are free fun for children of all ages. Our third Openclipart Coloring Book is "Seasons & Holidays," by Brad Phillips with artwork by aungkarns, BenBois, cyberscooty, gammillian, hairymnstr, johnny_automatic, liftarn, nicubunu, simanek, slu, and tzunghaor. Download it. Print it. Color it. Share it!.

Seasons & Holidays

Seasonal themes are in focus as the year draws to a close. Autumn leaves, ghoulish tricks, and winter treats await in this latest free coloring book brought to you by the amazing artwork of our Openclipart community. Print out the collection, make it your own, and share your creativity with the world!

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Each page of the latest free book, featuring work by our great openclipart artists, contains a puzzle, an educational tool and a creative space all-in-one! Follow the numbers and dots to uncover an image. Each image is illustrated by it's title. Once the puzzle is completed, the fun can continue with crayons and a child's imagination.

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Color the Alphabet

From A to Z, Mazeo's illustrations list out the letters of the alphabet with pictures, ready for any child to color to their hearts content while also learning the basic letters of the alphabet. A is for Apple. B is for Butterfly. C is for Car. Download this book. Print it out. And have fun!

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Have a Coloring Book idea? Openclipart has thousands of images you may use now freely to create a coloring book. You can even package your book together as a collection. Send us the link or a completed Coloring book to