Openclipart for adobe-photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is vital to most artists, designers, photographers and illustrators. We want to help make it easier for you to use Openclipart. You may visit a clipart detail page and save Openclipart as a PNG file. Then you may import that into your app. If you send us an email about how you use clipart in your App, we will do our best to improve our support for you.

upload2openclipart (vectorization)

We have a service so that you may send a bitmap (JPEG or PNG) to and the resulting file will be converted to a two-dimensional vector graphic. This is normally called vectorization.

Also, if you have an SVG file, you may send it as well to and it will be uploaded to Openclipart. Are you interested in more file formats like PDF or EPS that maybe converted or saved to Openclipart?

upload2openclipart is simple by default, but there are more controls if you interested in details.

Vector Graphics

All our clipart is stored as SVG files. Nearly every drawing application supports SVG. Inkscape is the most well known and free software for manipulating SVG files. You may save and use our SVG files from each clipart detail page.

Raster Graphics

Also, on each detail page we presently have the ability to rasterize our SVG files into the PNG format. Photoshop's default format is raster or bitmap. Photoshop can however deal with our default high quality format, SVG.

Commercial use

Not only may you use our high quality free clipart, you may use it commercially. This is special to our project and community. Sometimes this is called "royalty free." If you have questions about how to use our clipart, try this chart.

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