Openclipart for libreoffice

LibreOffice (formerly OpenOffice) are useful free and open source office productivity softwares. You may download them for free now, and start using on most major platforms.

We want to help make it easier for you to use Openclipart with your applications. Already you may visit a clipart detail page and save Openclipart as a PNG file and import that into LibreOffice. And if you send us an email about how you use clipart your App, we will do our best to improve our support for you.

SVG Support

Since version 3.3 of LibreOffice, SVG Import has been available. Update your versino of LibreOffice accordingly so you may use the highest quality form of Openclipart images.

Openclipart Integration Extension

If you want to directly import Openclipart images into your LibreOffice files, you can! Download the Openclipart Integration Extension and get started using Openclipart images directly inside LibreOffice.

PNG Support

If an SVG file is not working for you, or you particularly want a bitmap (raster) file, on each of the Openclipart detail pages, there is an ability to generate a PNG right now. You may right-click this PNG file and save it to your disk. From within Libreoffice, you select from the top menu, Insert > Picture >From File. Then select the appropriate PNG file you would like to insert into your document.

upload2openclipart (vectorization)

We have a service so that you may send a bitmap (JPEG or PNG) to and the resulting file will be converted to a two-dimensional vector graphic. This is normally called vectorization.

Also, if you have an SVG file, you may send it as well to and it will be uploaded to Openclipart. Are you interested in more file formats like PDF or EPS that maybe converted or saved to Openclipart?

upload2openclipart is simple by default, but there are more controls if you interested in details.

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