Openclipart to make posters

This is an example of how to make a sign. For this example, we will make a simple freebassel poster.

  1. What is the intended use and goal for making a sign or poster?


    • The goal of a poster or sign is to be readable and functional easily and quickly from a distance.
    • Making the image topic clear and the text solid in the poster is crucial
    • Be creative with the imagery, but try to keep the text simple and bold.

  2. What is the theme of your poster?
  3. How big does your poster need to be?
  4. Who is the audience for your poster or sign?
  5. What is the best tool to use to make your poster?

    Experienced Advice

    I created this poster. Bassel is my best friend. Please contact me if you have more questions @rejon

    • We will use the freebassel subject matter to keep this simple.
    • I used Inkscape to create the poster.
    • I originally vectorized a photo of Bassel, but now we have upload2openclipart service which can do this conversion of a photo to a clipart for you.
    • I uploaded my final result back to Openclipart.
  6. First, open Inkscape and set your poster size. For this, let's set the image to A4 size in the document properties dialog.
  7. Import the selected Freebassel image, found from Openclipart.
  8. Save the clipart SVG by right-clicking the image, and Save Link As to your computer.
  9. Edit the image until you get the parts you need. For this, I wanted to get Bassel's face.
  10. Create a bold text with the text tool that says "FREEBASSEL".
  11. Save the file.
  12. Print out your file to see how it looks.
  13. If the print looks good, you are done. If you aren't happy, keep adjusting the results.
  14. Share your poster with the world! Here is mine:
  15. Let us know how the process went for you and feel free to share your file!


    • First try to write down your ideas onto a piece of paper.
    • Try to use free tools like Inkscape.
    • Remember the age of your intended audience.
    • Openclipart has thousands of useful clipart.
    • Vectorization as an image process is very powerful if you manipulate the results and tweak the jaggedness of the resulting image.

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