Openclipart just added a new way to upload images: email. Simply send an an email to upload@openclipart.org with the image(s) you want uploaded attached. The subject of the email will become the title of the image, and the email body will become the description. If you would like to add tags to the image, just include them anywhere in the email body with a hash (#) in front of each one. Openclipart will automatically remove the hash tags from the email body.

emailupload@openclipart.orgYour Openclipart email or any email
subjectText becomes the title of the clipartText
bodyThe text becomes the description of the clipart. Any hashtags (#some #keyword #examples) are removed from the description and added as tags to the clipart.Text

Currently, you can upload SVG, JPEG and PNG images, and more format may be supported in the future. SVG images will be added to Opencliart as-is, while JPEG and PNG images will be vectorized to SVG format. Vectorizing images can result in fascinating, unexpected and beautiful imagery, such as this image:

High tech coffee

There are a couple ways in which you can associate an upload with a certain user account. First, you can provide a special hashtag of the construction #username:myusername. The system will look to see if myusername exists, and if it does, then it will associate the upload with that user's account. If myusername doesn't exist, then the system will attempt to create it. Failing either of those, the email will be inspected to determine if you already have an account on Openclipart based on the sending email address. If so, then the upload will be associated with that account. As a last resort, the system will take the user part of the sending email address and attempt to create an account using that, and thereby associate the upload with that account. Failing all of the above, the upload will fail.

This is a brand new feature. If you have any issues with it or ideas, please let us know: support@openclipart.org .

That's it! Enjoy.

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