Yggdrassil Book Plate

This is a book plate created from the title page of the 1908 Elder Edda (ed. and trans. Olive Bray). See: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Tree_of_Yggdrasil.jpg
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j4p4n, 2015-04-09

I know you provided this in 2010, but I just wanted to say, it's brilliant, very beautiful :)

Selanit, 2015-04-09

Thanks! I didn't make it, just did the conversion to SVG and spelled out "Ex Libris" using the letters from the original title. The X is actually a pair of C's back-to-back.

j4p4n, 2015-04-10

Yes, I recognized how you got this one. I refer to that as "synthesizing" clipart, and a good 80% of my work is done from public domain work and I also modify the originals sometimes in the way you did to add "ex libris". But still, great eye for noticing this one, I really liked it, and as someone who synthesizes old public domain sources too, I not it takes some work to make them look good as clipart.

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