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Below are some simple ways of communicating with Openclipart. If we are not providing what you need, please talk with us directly: love@openclipart.org

Upload Clipart
Multipart POST
Users can find the API key on their profile page.
curl -F user_name=user -F key=api-key-from-profile-page -F title="some title" -F tags="tag1, tag2" -F description="some description" -F nsfw=0 -F svg=@./some_file.svg https://openclipart.org/upload-2016.php
Search Clipart

Recommended API for new development.
Returns a maximum of 10 matches.
Maximum amount is 200 right now.
Returns matches 21-40.
Wrap response.
Shows most downloaded first. Supported sort modes are: date, downloads, favorites.
Queries by id or comma separated list of ids.
Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)
Openclipart delivers all .svg, .png and .pdf files with a CORS header.
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
The RSS/XML interfaces are not recommended for new development,but will continue to be supported.
Clipart Search
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