Cupid and Girls

A quite naked cupid passes a valentines day card to a group of giggling and overly happy young girls. Really. Shouldn't they be quite worried that this angel boy is standing there naked in front of them?! Or maybe that is the source of their lecherous grins. Dear lord! (From a 1910 comics section, if you are curious! Over a 100 years ago! Time, time, time...)
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chovynz, 2011-02-11

Hey man! thanks for uploading these. Old clipart is always welcome.

j4p4n, 2011-02-12

chovynz, thanks! I like the "old" and "retro" look myself too! Thats why I search, find, and assemble these. It actually take a lot of work to synthesize these, so I am glad someone appreciates it! thanks again :)

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