President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama
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chovynz, 2011-02-19

<p>Hi. Thanks for uploading these. I visited your website and just wanted to check that you understand that by uploading here you are releasing these under the <a href="">CC0 Declaration</a> which means anyone can use these for any purpose, including commercial, and they do not need to ask you to do so. </p><p>Since this conflicts with your statement on the website about releasing them but no commercial use is allowed, please clarify what you intend by releasing them here.</p>

chovynz, 2011-02-22

Matthew Kemp from ToonBee has graciously submitted these cliparts to the public domain. <br><br>"We have released our Barack Obama and George W Bush characters into the public domain, which means they are free from copyright and can be used for any use."<br><br>Thanks ToonBee! You guys rock!

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