Nazi skinhead

A neo-nazi skinhead with shit for brain carrying a flag.

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drunken_duck, 2010-04-11

since i am a member of openclipart i don't like this one. i don't like it not because the work or the meening... i don't like it because it is the first what you get when you looking for skinhead in openclipart. it is an fact the subculture of skinheads have many faces, so some bones are really racist, but the roots are not racism or fascism. i hope u get my point of view. thx to liftarn for upload.

allbunsglazing, 2011-10-05

drunken_duck Yeah, I tend to agree, mate. Great artwork, but perhaps change it to racist or nazi, instead of plain "skinhead". It kinda plays their game by labelling all skinheads in this way - kinda gives the racist guys more power because their number appears greater when all skinheads are associated with the rightly labelled "shit-for-brains" mentality. Nice work, though. Just perhaps change the title?

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