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Magirly, 2015-01-25

wow, fonts are soooo broken, in svg, Inkscape, Linux, everywhere. Not fun. @Fabio - it seems you created this file with Inkscape. Can you check which version of Inkscape you are using? Which operating system are you on? Thanks for the nice work!

Fabuio, 2015-01-26

Have you DejaVu Sans font in your system? It should be only a font issue. I'm using Inkscape 0.48.4 in Debian. If this can help I can change fonts or replace objects by paths.

frankes, 2015-01-26

Another solution is to convert fonts in Inkscape with "object to path" into a graph. Disadvantage: It is not so easy to change the text

rejon, 2015-02-03

Yeah, I would like to have better tracking of versions. The concept of remix is somewhat like this, but really wish we had something more like git.

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