Skull Smoking

skull smoking in honor to van gogh
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gravityx9, 2011-08-30

Thanks for sharing!</I><B><a href=""> ~SEE IT HERE~</a> </B>

emeza, 2015-03-05

At least must credit this artwork because is mine. I did it because I love Van Gogh paintings.

Moini, 2015-03-05

emeza, you released the picture to the public domain by uploading it here. You read the text in the upload form and agreed to it. It would be *nice* if the user on zazzle gave you credit, but there is no *must*. If you want to upload your pictures under another licence (for example CC-BY), you can't do this here on openclipart, because openclipart only contains public domain pictures.

emeza, 2015-03-05

Yes you are right, that's why I am here sharing my drawings, I correct myself I must say It would be *nice*.

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