Method in permaculture : obredim. In a funny way.

Thanks to the following users for their work I have used :

Magnifying Glass by jhnri4, Fence1 & Fence2 by dcatcherex, gold by netalloy, Wheat (Black and White) by SeriousTux, Thanksgiving Day Icon by nicubunu, Bunny by apple, Isometric wooden crate by Erulisseuiin, wooden barrel petri lumm 01 & room thermometer celsius & construction hammer & Roadsign Crosswind by Anonymous, saw hammer by egore911, Wood Icon by Farmeral, Compasso by emilie.rollandin, penholder by Chrisdesign, Writing pad by gsagri04, Color ballpoint pens by gsagri04, manuscript/manuscrit by palimpsest, 45 set square by kevie, eraser by lmproulx, shovel & worm gear & pitchfork & coal barrow by johnny_automatic, Pick by Machovka, meter by yves_guillou,
wooden ruler by rg1024, clean by yurie, bussola - compass by ernes.
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