Cartoon giraffe

Cartoon giraffe sitting, front view. Nice 20 minute tutorial video for drawing the giraffe in Inkscape <a target="_blank" href=""></a>
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boobaloo_librarian, 2011-02-18

Just installed Nevernote client (Linux app for connection to Evernote account) to my PC and when I run it it shows splash with this Giraffe! Cool!

kidproto, 2011-02-20

That is cool! This is why we need an example section on the site! Great!

jcubic, 2013-06-07

This one is very famous clipart use in lot of places like on this Photobook commercial

frisqui, 2013-06-07

I love your draws!! I made a little book with them for my granddaugther (she's 1 year old) and I want to thank you very much because she loves it!!!! This one is my favourite.

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