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On the company app there is an internal chat and forum where customers and others partners comunicate with us without using any e-mail service (and so we can have a control about it).

The fact it's that the "plain text it's too grey and white" so my work was make possible insert emoticons and smileys on all conversations. I just create an PHP array where every :-) or :) or : ) will be replaced with the 16x16px emoticon. In fact they are hard to see so i expanded the size to 24x24 doesnt matter if the font and line height will be affected.
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nanozero87, 2013-08-15

thanks rejon, if you can help me spreading the word for more works submitting following me on twitter @nitodico or visiting my website www.nitodico.com that would be great... i'll sill submit most artworks as possible

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