White iPhone 5

A fairly accurate white iPhone 5 with detailed camera and speaker mesh.
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Magirly, 2013-08-23

do you need to make such a detailed svg version of an iphone 5? I think Apple is very keen on keeping full control of their designs and although we have some content in Openclipart that touches 'famous' names, they are mostly old classics etc. The iphone5 would be fine in 20 years or so, but uploading it today is like asking for trouble. Should we leave it there? Upload later? Your uploads are all great, I am just trying to let us focus on the clipart and not letters from lawyers... What do you think? Thanks for sharing your works on Openclipart.

barrettward, 2013-08-23

It's absolutely no different than uploading a super high resolution photo of your phone. In fact you can measure your phone and post all the dimensions and even detailed cad drawings if you'd like, in fact they are out there for the taking if you go look, all perfectly legal. You can sell photographs of your phone, much less give them away, you can sell the measurements of the phone, (all assuming someone would pay for them) you can even manufacture your own iPhone from these drawings on your 3d printer or an exact replica if you had the tools, what you could not do would be sell that replica- a physical object. The back of the phone would be potentially problematic because of the apple logo. You cannot use this or any picture of a product to convey endorsement or authorization by its manufacture- but again, not an issue. That being said, I have no problem with it being removed.

Magirly, 2013-08-26

no, we would never remove what you believe in. If it's good then surely it stays. Thanks for the detailed feedback!

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