Mockingbird in silhouette

A photograph of a mockingbird was used as the basis to trace this outline using Inkscape. The resulting photo of a mockingbird in silhouette becomes an .svg in silhouette through the miracle of bitmap trace.

Bird: northern mockingbird in a live Oak Tree, Glendover Park Allen, Texas, USA, from a photo by gurdonark
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narwhaler, 2013-09-18

Reminds me of that t-shirt brand that has a bird silhouette as the mascot...

Lilak1950, 2013-09-19

I really like this! Nice job! I live on mockingbird lane in Fayetteville Arkansas. My brother lives near Gurdon, AR! Your hometown!

gurdonark, 2013-09-19

@narwh aler I have not seen that t-shirt brand. I must watch for it. @lilak1950 I got my undergrad degree in Fayetteville. I love the mountains. That's cool that your brother lives near Gurdon. It was a great place to grow up.

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