Mother and Startled Baby

This baby looks quite startled. I guess something just made a loud noise. Or maybe this baby just realized it is a baby, that must be such a moment for a baby.
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JCMattson, 2015-02-10

I love reading your descriptions as much as the pictures, very witty and refreshing thanks

j4p4n, 2015-02-11

JCMattson, thanks. I suppose it's some sort of "blogging" for me. It helps to release parts of my self by providing clipart, but to also write some words to share with people sometimes too. Thanks for the comment! :)

j4p4n, 2015-02-15

rejon, as always, thanks for the positive words. I hope the baby is ok!

yamachem, 2015-02-15

Hi,I 'll also join you. May I have a question? I can't understand the phrase "maybe this baby just realized it is a baby" Could you explain it a little bit? Probably I 'm afraid there must be some non-native speakers who think as I do. Thanks in advance.

j4p4n, 2015-02-15

How do you know any of us are so called "native speakers"? We all have different levels of comprehension. But yamachem, that was an existential philosophical thing. A Buddhist thing. You are a man, right? Have you realized you are a man thinking about being a man? That sort of thing. That help?

yamachem, 2015-02-15

Thank you for your lecture . by the way, Every time I read your awesome description ,I feel sorry to miss the original caption or the original relating sentences. As a viewer ,I want you to add something like the original caption . If it would be so,I hope people could enjoy your uploaded cliparts much more along with your description.

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