Three Bellhops

'One, Two, Three o'clock hop, hop hop hop--- hop around the clock!' Thats how I would write the 'Bellhop rock' song if I was writing it! Three long legged bell hops run towards someone... I guess a guest, since these guys look like wise workers.
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hypermodern, 2013-11-12

Greetings, j4p4n I really enjoy your uploads, I was wondering what settings you put in for autotrace to get such nice black and white line art from images with mid-tones. Thank you for the help.

j4p4n, 2013-11-14

hypermodern, I hope you see this....! The trick is to force play with your contrast settings before you trace the image, you want a high contrast image for the best results (that sounds clear to me, but if I am not explaining myself clearly--- let me know! I tend to sometimes talk weird..) ... I've also noticed you leave the text on some of your synthesized additions /// I would recommend cropping the text off, because it makes the clipart less useful and also text is hard to trace....!

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