Open xmas card cover. I used this as my digital ecard this year. happy share it openly if you want to do something similarly and keep the trees for sucking down CO2.

Every element except That Snow Joke (that's no joke) originated from here. I'm not sure if I am entirety to blame for the bad humour, but I probably am.

Funny thing is; where is the snow?
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symbolicM, 2013-12-19

There is a true SVG file there I promise. Download a play. It does not appear to be displaying in the browsers that I use. I'll try and suss out why.

Magirly, 2013-12-19

yah this is nice! Please don't delete this one - upload other versions if you make technical changes. I also want to look at this a little. The font you use there is NanumMyengjyo. Font support on Openclipart is really bad right now, we still haven't found the right next steps to improve this but it's important and eventually we will! Then there is a <script> inside the svg - there are too many ways for interactivity in svg... Having a good <script> example such as this one helps us improving Openclipart though, so it's great. Which editor have you been using, and which viewer do you recommend? Thanks for uploading this great card - another tree saved!

Magirly, 2013-12-19

If you don't mind, I think the ns1:version="1.5.5" tag in the script causes a problem because the ns1 namespace is not defined. What namespace is this? This here seems to suggest it's a test-only namespace? I think we should either remove this attribute, or add the namespace.

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