Lady in an Onsen

Onsen is the Japanese word for a type of vacation hot-springs; people get nude and bathe in hot relaxing water with some healing properties. (Usually it's gender segregated so don't get any unclean thoughts, unless you swing that way!) This is from an old 1904 Japanese postcard. I saw the water movement and the simple use of colour and I couldn't let it waste itself on the history shelf. I hope someone can use this beautiful image, maybe it can even become a postcard again--- that'd be great! (Incidentally, I had to recreate the lower left side because it was destroyed by the stamp and cancellation marks... I hope it works!)
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palimpsest said on 2014-01-06 09:12:27

hello j4p4n, I have been looking at your many clipart contributions and wanted to tell that I find many of them wonderful and very-well crafted. Bravo and Thank you for pleasing my eyes. from Palimpsest

j4p4n said on 2014-01-06 09:33:48

hi palimpsest... wow, thanks for the comment! It's thoughtful comments like that (very occasionally) that help to keep me motivated :) I hope to add a lot more in the future. Don't forget to click the 'heart' on the ones you like! ;)

j4p4n said on 2014-02-10 20:11:26

terrybain, interesting remix. Personally I think it needs the background for a bit of a cohesive feeling, but I see what you were trying to do. Thanks for the positive words :)

yamachem said on 2014-11-07 02:26:59

Hi,j4p4n this is yamachem who have presented "today's kanji" in open clip art from a little bit ago I will upload the kanji "onsen" today! thank you for giving me material for "today' s kanji" by the way , "Lady in an onsen" is Greeeeeeeeeeat! this becomes "teiban" in Japanese which means "de facto standard "in English Have you ever heard about where you can make goods or merchandise which includes T-shirt ,totebag,mugcup,or i-Phonecase by uploading images I will commercialize this image throught see you later , yamachem pm4:25 7.11.2014

yamachem said on 2014-11-07 04:00:13

Hi,j4p4n this is yamachem I uploaded this image to you can see the i-Phone case with this image here : I will make other items but,frankly and general speaking ,probably,you can't sell Indeed,I 've never sold even one item. because the price is a little bit high ,I guess well, see you later yamachem 7.11.2014(jst)

j4p4n said on 2014-11-07 07:56:00

Hi yamachem, thanks for your comment! I know but I prefer it works a lot better for my needs... thats cool that you put it on an iphone case, I hope it gets really famous haha it's so cool looking right? If you get a ton of money, buy me some beer or something haha ;)

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