Openclipart 2014 is 204A87 Blue. Have you used it yet?

204A87 for hexcode color enthusiasts.
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Magirly, 2014-01-21

Keistutis proposed #200014 (in an email sent to

matheod, 2014-01-22

I don't really know, but the actual blue make me think to Facebook which is not really a good thing :D I found #200014 a little to dark, but the number trick is good :D Maybe #CC2014 (I don't remember all old color) ? Or #201442 ? No I don't really know. But If you want to keep blue, maybe hsl(2014,75%,50%) (or something like that) ?

j4p4n, 2014-02-01

I also complained about this colour, but I guess I'll complain here publicly too :o)

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