Cartoon Weasel

Cartoon weasel (or ferret, or stoat) in the style on StudioFibonacci and lemmling. Remix (fix, really) of my previous version. This is the first picture I've ever made as an SVG file.
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Schplook, 2014-02-09

Thanks. I'm still having problems when I upload. When I create something in Ink Scape it looks fine, but then there are problems when I open the SVG file in other software, or when I upload it here.

Moini, 2014-03-25

Only saw your answer today - are you still experiencing these differences in the looks of the graphics? If so, try if turning all shapes into paths helps ;-). Removed the clipart_issue tag, because I don't know why there should be an issue with this clipart. Wish people would write a comment and not wildly click on any available buttons...

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