New House

A family walking to its new house in the hills in a bright morning.
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j4p4n, 2014-03-01

This is seriously high quality clipart.. but I'm interested why you put the text title on it? I usually avoid titles (but not always) to make it more universal, and also not all people want to use clipart on English media etc etc. (And yes I know that if you are technically minded you can easily edit the text...)

sirgazil, 2014-03-01

Hey, thanks, j4p4n! When I started publishing my illustrations here I was thinking on people downloading the SVG and modifying for their own projects. This illustration was intended to be cover art, and the text is just an example of where the text should go. In the last couple of days, though, I've been getting more familiar with openclipart an see that this image was remixed to remove the text and separate some elements. I think I won't use text in the future, to make it more universal, as you say.

Onsemeliot, 2014-03-02

Great coulors. A rather simple and still very athmospheric little clip art. Well done.

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