Square Votive Candle Holder

Square votive candle holder requested by wanglizhong from photo by rejon. Used Inkscape "sketch" path effect.
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j4p4n, 2014-04-01

Your help with the request was being buried so I tried to dig this out a bit for you :o)

gubrww2, 2014-04-01

Thanks. It wasn't obvious how to connect the request and filled request. Do the specific tag value(s) have something to do with it? RANT: In general, for an infrequent up-loader, making things happen correctly on this site is difficult. I apparently can only log in from a page having a previously uploaded image of mine--I can't even get in from my own user page. Given that, declaring a REMIX requires a lot of forethought or experimentation to get the navigation right. It ought to be possible declare a remix and request fulfillment from the general upload form.

j4p4n, 2014-04-02

gubrww2, can I agree with all parts of your RANT? :o) I also think it should be possible to include MULTIPLE SOURCES in a remix, I mean not all images are remixed from just one image. This site needs so improvement I guess, but I'm sure those in the background are trying hard...!

rejon, 2014-06-09

Heya guys, I'm working on this right now. 1st, cleaning up all tags so that we can just use "request" as the tag for the request. Then for any clipart that is a fulfilled request, can use this form: remix+191949 where the final number is the original clipart id. After I clean that up, then will clean up the main page of the site. Then, have a simple way using email to get requests and remixes uploaded via email using this system.

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