Antifaschistisch Reisen

Antifa traveling
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realramnit, 2014-04-13

It is a redesign of the logo of this side here: an based on I wont claim any copyright from my side an as far as I can see you could use it as public domain. But I'm no lawyer. ;)

Moini, 2014-04-13

As their download page is currently unavailable, I cannot verify the licence of the antifalogo from (which is the source for all the derived logos). realramnit, would you please ask about the licence of their logo? When you find out, please also report to Wikipedia (the file you linked will have a discussion page), because there are also doubts about the use of that file. If it is public domain, you can then ask the blog owner of antifaschistischesreisen, if they also release it under public domain. If anyone of those two tells you that their logo is copyrighted or CC-BY, then you must remove the picture here. Viele Grüße + viel Erfolg, Moini

Moini, 2014-05-15

Hi again, realramnit. Please verify that you have checked the copyright. If you cannot, please take this graphic away from openclipart. Thank you!

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