Orca (Jaws)

My tribute to (the name of) the boat, featured in the movie/film ‘Jaws’ — ‘ORCA’
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creative197404, 2014-07-16

I really like this design. I'd like to use it to modify it to say 'Orenco' any make a t-shirt for my g'daughter who is going into first grade this year. Is the text a font that is available, or did you create it yourself.

formlos, 2014-07-17

I created the lettering myself. (Only these 4 characters so far, sadly enough.) But — Here is something I sketched/made quickly, maybe this could be helpful: The ‘Orenco’ version of the ‘Orca’ lettering/design, for you to use/modify: https://copy.com/b6JlHZgipxCz (*Even if the preview might not work, the file should. ;)

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