Pet Dragon

I'm not sure who the pet is, the dragon or the little girl...?! But I suppose it's the dragon and the little girl got tangled in the leash. The dragon seems a bit deformed, the wings are too small to fly and the tail is quite too fat for good balance.
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rejon, 2014-06-15

How did you vectorize this? Can you share the settings?

j4p4n, 2014-06-16

rejon, thanks for the question. I don't remember a 100% (drinking and uploading is a thing of relaxation for me! haha) but I think the basic work flow of this was like this: Isolate the desired item from an old public domain newspaper scan in Gimp. Erase noise and fuzz. Strengthen faded lines. Import into Inkscape. Usually I do a 'trace bitmap, brightness cutoff' trace at about 0.48 threshold (that depends on the image though) but this one looked best as a 'Multiple scans gray-scale'. Usually I tweak around until it looks right. The whole work flow would be hard to automate I guess, and it also takes too long haha This help? :)

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