Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore vectorized from my own photo. The sky has been removed.
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rejon, 2014-06-15

How did you vectorize this? Can you share the settings?

gubrww2, 2014-06-16

Sorry, there wasn't a push a button and go solution. First, I used a raster editing program (Gimp) to remove the sky color. It was somewhat tedious (select by color plus big eraser and ultimately the smart scissors tool) but a lot easier than working in Inkscape on an already vectorized image. The Trace Bitmap settings were: 20ish colors (40ish for Devil's Tower which had more hues), smooth stack scans and remove background. The highest highlights got lost with the background and I had to put them back in with a manually drawn and colored path, lowered to a level that worked. After tracing, I always select each scan and Control-L EXACTLY ONCE to remove extra nodes without distorting the image too much.

gubrww2, 2014-06-16

More thoughts: Not an expert, but tracing a lower resolution image (1-2 megapixels) seems to work better than the much higher resolution coming out of today's cameras. Removing the sky, in this case, let the tracer concentrate on getting the rocks right--if you want a blue sky it is a simple matter to draw a blue rectangle. and lower to bottom.

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