Day 1231 of Bassel not being free-100 years after WW1 began

Day 1231 of Bassel's imprisonment marks 100 years since the outbreak of World War I. In commemoration of the fact that Bassel is a peacemaker, and the sort of individual who believes in the power of technology to enrich life rather than destroy (or pacify/sedate) it (which is as radical of an idea today as it was 100 years ago), this image contains, in the background, excerpts from the document/correspondence that triggered the Austro-Hungarian Empire's declaration of war against the Kingdom of Serbia in July of 1914.

Were there someone like Bassel around in those days - WWI may have been avoidable.
Works cited:

The Austro-Hungarian Empire's Ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia [English Translation: ]

The Serbian Response to the Austro-Hungarian Ultimatum
[English Translation: ]
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