Fantasy Orc Swinging Axe

This orc, troll, ogre, bugbear or whatever other fantasy name you want to call it, swinging a big battle axe in combat, is like everything else here, a free Open Clip Art, usable for any purpose! If you have time and the format you use it in allows a link or credit, I'd appreciate it, and maybe getting to see what you did with it, but I don't require it. Enjoy!
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mick green, 2015-01-15

plan to use this artwork in a small game I made - was going to put your name as well under pic - I don't know if I can do a link

jpneok, 2015-01-15

Hi, thanks for the comment, glad you like the image! That's great if you want to use it, and I very much appreciate the credit, though it *is* optional, so I have no issues with no link. You can credit me as either Jason J. Patterson or I wish you the best on your game and would welcome a link to see a bit about it when you get it made and available somewhere. Thanks again! -JP

mick green, 2015-01-18

Hi, here's where the game is - I used your artwork for the intro, there's no art in the game itself it's pure text. Thanks for the picture it's very striking and people will notice it.

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