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I created this buttons for my webpage
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edward, 2015-01-19

Thanks a lot for this image. I wanted some identical buttons - one switched on and the other switched off - to use in a game I'm making. This looks like it will be great for me.

cyberscooty, 2015-01-20

I uploaded 2 remix of this image - one switched on and the other switched off - without any background so you can use it for your game or whatever you want

edward, 2015-01-21

Great. I didn't know that. I just cropped the image and made two image files with the switch on and off. The grey background was fine for my game and I also made other images with other colour backgrounds.

Magnesus, 2015-01-30

Great job! Although I personally hate those switches - I never know when they are on and when they are off. :P

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