bald man with a beard

Based on an image found in a 1900 Newspaper (thus public domain) this side view of a bald man with a burly beard is ready to help you out.
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j4p4n, 2014-04-13

financial_guy, thanks for asking.. but I synthesized this back in 2008 so I totally forget who the original man was... however, if I remember correctly, he was no one famous in our time....

claireb, 2015-01-21

Hi j4p4n. Thanks for the image of that guy. Can you please confirm that i can reproduce it in a book ? Thank you for your answer !

j4p4n, 2015-01-21

claireb, yes, this image is clearly public domain and without copyright so you are able to reproduce it in a book! :) Wow... how did you end up finding this clipart image from 2008? If you use this in a book, could you send me a picture of the page? (a private message would be ok too if you don't want to do that in a comment) That's not required of course, but I like to see how people use the images I provide! cheers

j4p4n, 2015-01-22

claireb, I don't know if you will be back here but incidentally I uploaded another awesome bald bearded man today:

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