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by yamachem - uploaded on November 17, 2014, 7:07 pm

a kanji which is read as "bushu" and means "bushu or radicals" in English


"bushu" is one part of a whole kanji which rules or decides the property of a kanji


"bu" of "bushu" means "section"


"shu" of "bushu" is another pronunciation of "kubi" which means "neck"


In this case, it means "header"


"bushu" is located at various positions


for example,left side,right side,top,bottom,"left side and bottom", "top and left side" and like an enclosure.


It may sound diffficult

but,I hope you can understand what "busyu" is through illustration on a blackboard

bushu chinese chinese character component hanja hanzi kanji part radical radicals
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