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today's kanji-138-puttsun

by yamachem

2014-11-20 20:30:19

I picked up "kowai" and "kawaii" in today's kanji_136./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////A story that a foreign visitor(male) said "kowai" towards a female.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////For example, let's assume "this lady got abruptly angry"////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////In this case,you may call her mental state "puttsun_sita" which is the past tense of "puttsun_suru" or "kireta" which is the past tense of "kireru" which means "get abruptly angry".////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////puttsun is an onomatopoeia .Imagine it sounds you would cut the thread called "patience"///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////"suru" means "do"////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////"puttsun suru" and "kireru" are intransitive verbs.

abruptly angry chinese chinese character hanja hanzi kanji kireru onomatopoeia puttsun
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