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today's kanji-155-mushi

by yamachem

2014-11-23 13:15:35

a kanji which is read "mushi" and means "insect or bug".//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////The kanji "mushi" is a radical or a "bushu" .///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////at the same time, it can be one kanji which means "insect or bug".///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////speaking about kanji,there are two types of radical or "bushu".///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////1:the first one is a radical or bushu which can be one kanji by itselflike radical_tree which is called "kihen" or radical_insect which is called "mushihen"///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////2:the second is a radical or bushu which cannot be one kanji by itself like radical_plant (or glass) which is called "kusakanmuri".///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////I will pick up the kanji group which has a radical or bushu called "mushihen" in the next "today's kanji"///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////[notice!][notice!][notice!]////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////speaking about "mushi",there are other reading and other meaning which I don't refer to here./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////you can see the wiktionary about "mushi" here:https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E8%99%AB

Tags: bushu, bushu03, chinese, chinese character, hanja, hanzi, insect, kanji, mushi, radical,

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