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Kepler-42 and Jupiter comparison

by Fred the Oyster

2014-12-09 07:36:52

A high resolution vector conversion of the size comparison between Kepler-42 and Jupiter.This artist's concept compares the Kepler-42 (formerly known as KOI-961) planet to Jupiter.The Kepler-42 planetary system hosts the three smallest planets known to orbit a star beyond our sun (called Kepler-42b, Kepler-42c, Kepler-43d; formerly called KOI-961.01, KOI-961.02 and KOI-961.03). The smallest of these planets, Kepler-42d, is about the same size as Mars. All three planets take less than two days to whip around their star.The planets were discovered using data from NASA's Kepler mission and ground-based telescopes. The Kepler-42 star is a tiny "red dwarf," just one-sixth the size of our sun. This planetary system is the most compact detected to date, with a scale closer to Jupiter and its moons than another star system.Original PD raster file: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kepler-42_System_%E2%80%93_Jupiter_System_Comparison.jpg

Tags: astronomy, discover, high resolution, jupiter, kepler, planet, request completed,

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