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tokonoma 02

by yamachem

2014-12-25 21:19:14

"tokonoma " with a "kakejiku" meaning "hanging scroll"//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////"tokonoma" is a built-in recessed space in Japanese style reception room /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////in which you are supposed to display flowers or a hanging scroll or a vase or a "bonsai"/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// the four kanji on the" kakejiku" are read as "fuu-rin-ka-zan" meaning "wind,woods,fire,mountain"/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////I will pick up the kanji "kakejiku" in my "today's kanji".////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////As you know ,I want you to regard this "kakejiku" not as Japanese calligraphy but as art.if this is Japanese calligraphy,it seems strange that the letters are in white.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////I want you to consider the yellow parts in the clipart as "tatami mats".////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////thanks

Chinese Chinese character Japanese display hanja hanzi kakejiku kanji niche scroll tatami tokonoma
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