chūn mián bù jué xiǎo(春眠不覺曉)

by yamachem - uploaded on February 16, 2015, 10:16 am

The first phrase in the poem titled "chūn xiǎo" created by "Mèng Hàorán"

who was a major Tang dynasty poet and has been famous for his poems related to the realm of nature. The poem titled "chūn xiǎo" is not only well known in China,but also in Japan. 

"chūn mián bù jué xiǎo" means "The spring night felt too good for sleeping to realize the dawn.So,I overslept. "

Translating word for word,

Spring Sleep Not Realize Dawn. 

you can enjoy the song of the poem here:


Mèng Hàorán Tang dynasty chinese character chūn mián bù jué xiǎo hanzi poem poet
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