autumn field 001-2

The Japanese traditional pattern which displays "autumn field".
I will add the details on this description little by little from now on.
This is the beginning of "the Japanese traditional pattern series ". I want you to consider this number "001" as "001" of this series"the Japanese traditional pattern". 
I added the light yellow sheet on the bottom.As the part of the plants is cut out ,the plants got in light yellow.
and then, I colored other part but plants in the color of "adzuki bean".
These colors look nostalgia -evoking. You can see "Japanese bush clover" which is called "hagi" in Japanese on the left side, and "balloon flower or Japanese bellflower" which is called "kikyo" in Japanese on the right side. Both are included into "the Japanese seven flowers in autumn" which is called "Aki No Nanakusa" .
The name of this pattern is called "aki no no"
"aki" means "autumn". 
the first "no" means "of". 
the second "no" means "field". I will do the size as 600px in width, 200px in height.  

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