chūang hūa(窗花)

by yamachem - uploaded on February 22, 2015, 7:18 am

Chinese paper cut decoration which is called "chūang hūa"    

This is the remix of the work "Chinese paper cut " created by j4p4n. 

”chūang ” means "窗:window" ,hūa means "花:flower".

you can see 10 pieces of hanzi(漢字) "fú:福" which means "happiness or blessings or good fortune" and 2 carp in the middle and the blossoms of Chinese plum and a lotus flower near the mouth of carp. The hanzi "fú:福" and "carp" and "blossom of Chinese plum" and "lotus flower" are very lucky charm particularly in the beginning of new year.


   More info about the Chinese paper cut is here:

      Note:I want you to know that

this my work is not "paper work".

As the outline is colored in white,

I just arranged to make the j4p4n's work a little bit more beautiful.

When you make a Chinese paper cut with a pair of scissors and a red paper ,you can't see white outlines on the your work.

Add "something like" to the title in your mind.

"窗" is hanzi.The kanji which means "window" in English is "窓".carp is "鯉".plum is "梅".

I wonder if you can see the above Chinese characters in your PC.

Chinese Chinese character chūang hūa hanzi j4p4n new year paper cut remix
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