Bird 03(meadow-bunting)

The image of "a meadow-bunting on a perch". 
The head is brown with white eyebrows, moustachial stripe and throat .      
 It breeds in southern Siberia, northern and eastern China, eastern Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Korea and Japan. It is fairly non-migratory but northern birds move south as far as southern China and Taiwan. It occurs in dry, open habitats such as scrub, farmland, grassland and open woodland.     
The medow -bunting is called "hoo-jiro(ほおじろ in hiragana ,ホオジロ in katakana,頬白 in kanji)" in Japanese.
"hoo" means "cheek" and "jiro" means a variant of "shiro" meaning "white" in English.
For more info about "meadow-bunting" ,see here:

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