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by yamachem

2015-05-01 04:24:59

The image is a black T-shirt with a kanji pattern.The "kanji" means Chinese characters used in Japan.The kanji used in the pattern is called "iki or sui" which means roughly "cool or smart" in English.The reading "iki or sui " is represented as "粋" in kanji.             More info about the kanji "粋" called "iki or sui",see here:   https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E7%B2%8B                 More info about the meaning of the kanji "粋", see here:               https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iki_%28aesthetics%29          I used "objects to pattern" function in Inkscape and captured it with my favorite capture soft and did "Trace Bitmap" it again in Inkscape. It takes some work to complete it.

Tags: T-shirt, Tshirt, black, cool, iki, pattern, pink, remix 217891, sui, yamachem, 粋,

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