Two Ball

My first try with Inkscape, a 2 ball.
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zeimusu, 2006-12-25

This is a great picture. I've done a couple of clean ups: The picture was bigger than the page, and so was getting cropped. The text needed to be converted to paths for compatiblity.

molumen, 2006-12-28

Nice clipart, mattcn81! keep the good stuff coming :) Here are a few recomendations if it can help you: - crop your cliparts so they fit in the page without huge blank spaces around. - don't create huge-sized cliparts, they are vectors so size is not very important. Try to fit cliparts in a 1024x768 screen, it's more comfortable for the users. - Convert texts to objects. In case you don't do it, people that don't have the font you used won't see it, or will see it differently.

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