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by yamachem2

2015-08-04 10:45:10

This is the remix of "Drink Mabbish Coffee " uploaded by "glitch". Thanks.glitch was a computer game whose visual assets were released into the public domain after the game failed commercially. The entire collection is about 2,000 clipart.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glitch_(video_game)         This glitch clipart is about drink, mabbish-coffee.I made this svg file through the original swf file.At first ,I opened swf with a swf-viewer. and then,captured the image as bmp. then, "Trace-bitmap"ed it in Inkscape.This clipart is as the original flash file is.

Tags: assets, coffee, collection, Foodstuffs-cws, game, glass, glitch, HLM, mabbish-coffee, remix 209147, remix 224372, yamachem

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