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by yamachem

2015-08-11 03:11:21

This is the remix of "Coffee cup icon" uploaded by "Crazy Terabyte ". "Coffee cup icon" is based on "Hotel Icon Has Coffee In Room" uploaded by "Gerald_G".Thanks.This clipart is an animation which represents water vapor soaring from a hot coffee.This is implemented through changing "data" of "path" by SMIL.I guess the morphing is a synonym of what we call "interpolation" in Inkscape.Speaking about SMIL-animation,the hint of a morphing animation is not "calcMode=" discrete",but "calcMode=" linear".I will upload 'calcMode="discrete" ' version of this clipart so that you can find the difference "morphing-animation" and "stop-motion-animation".I am a newbie on any animation.So, I may say wrong things .For it , I apologize in advance :p

animation attributeName="d" calcMode="linear" coffee coffee-cup Diversos morphing remix 50557 remix 104185 SMIL vapor water-vapor yamachem
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