Sewing machine

Converted to SVG from clipart on “PC för alla” CD 3-2003.
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johnny_automatic, 2007-01-02

this file seems to have a problem. When I open it, it has a missing placed PDF file and no image but it does display correctly in my browser. The file size seems too large for this graphic too.

kuba, 2007-01-05

It seems that Adobe Illustrator (svg export plugin) save some binary data (in tag i:pgf) for future editing. check this: You should delete everything between <i:pgf id="adobe_illustrator_pgf"> and </i:pgf> I've put the clean up version.

molumen, 2007-01-05

Fixed, I replaced the original svg by a clean one (without the illustrator crap). Also, I deleted the "balon antiguo fix" from Jakub Jankiewicz to avoid duplicates.

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