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hot air balloon - (Work In Progress)

by ryanlerch

2006-10-01 20:12:37

this image is a work in progress, please do not rate yet... comments are welcome. Im experimenting with developing an image and showing my process at the same time by uploading incremental images... I am using InkScape to edit my svg's Third Increment i scrapped the shading of the prevoious step, and tried to bevel the edges of a section of the balloon. The only way i could think of doing this is by putting incrementally lower opacity lines parrell to the join. PLEASE HELP! is there any way of setting a gradient to a path in inkscape?? Second Increment Changed the colours of the segements and started shading them First Increment Here i simply outlined the sections of the ballon. Initial Image: I got this image from the StockExchange. http://www.sxc.hu/browse.phtml?f=view&id=224291 any suggestions/comments/ideas would be appriciated... thanks! P.S, i will move this how i did it to the how i did it section when im fully finished...

Tags: </a><div id="de4l"><a href="https://previewin.co.uk/">simple download</a></div><a>air, balloon, hot, hot air balloon, jpg, recreation, sky,

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